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Passive Subskills
  • Dodge
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Acrobatics is a skill focused around moving gracefully, reducing fall damage and avoiding attacks.

Experience Gain[edit]

Experience in Acrobatics is gained by taking fall damage, successfully rolling on the ground, or successfully dodging attacks.

120XP per half heart of damage is gained when taking fall damage. Assuming no damage is being reduced, it can also be calculated as (b - 3) * 120 where b is the amount of blocks fallen before taking damage. Any reduction of damage by use of hay bales, potions, enchantments etc. will reduce the amount of experience gained. If a roll or graceful roll as been executed, you will gain 80XP per half heart of damage instead of 120XP. This calculation uses the damage that would have been taken if you had not rolled.

Feather falling will double the amount of XP you earn from falling, regardless of its enchantment level. Keep in mind that feather falling will also reduce the amount of base damage dealt when you fall.

Dodging an attack will give 120XP per half heart of damage dodged. So if you dodged an attack that would have dealt you 3 damage, it would give you 360XP.

Anti Exploit[edit]

There is a config option found in experience.yml to prevent users from using AFK acrobatic farms that allow them to farm XP while AFK.

    Acrobatics: true

A user will not gain experience if any of the following are true:

  • User is holding an enderpearl in their main hand while inside a vehicle.
  • User has teleported in the last 5 seconds
  • User has landed in the same spot at least once within the last 50 times they have fallen from a high place and gained mcMMO Acrobatics Experience

Additionally, after gaining experience from a fall, there will be a cooldown of 3 seconds before you may gain experience again. If you take more fall damage during this period, extra time is added to the cooldown, starting at an additional 10 seconds and increasing by 1 each time more fall damage is taken before the cooldown is over.

Active SubSkill[edit]


Rolling is an active sub-skill with a passive component. It provides a chance to negate fall damage based on the player's Acrobatics skill level. At level 50, the player has a 50% chance to negate damage, or 100% if Graceful Roll is activated. The chance for success is scaled against the Acrobatics skill level in a linear curve. Every level increases the chance to roll successfully by 1%. Therefore, it will always trigger at level 100.

A normal roll can be transformed into a Graceful Roll by sneaking while falling. Doing so will double the odds to roll and the amount of damage prevented.


Level Retro Mode Roll Damage
Graceful Roll Damage
25 250 25% 7 50% 14
50 500 50% 7 100% 14
75 750 75% 7 100% 14
100 1000 100% 7 100% 14

Passive SubSkill[edit]


Unlocks at Level 2 or Level 20 for Retro Mode

Dodge will give you a chance of reducing incoming damage by half. For instance, if you are receiving 6 damage, you will only receive 3 damage when successfully dodging. You will never dodge an attack if the incoming damage would be lethal, this check is done before dodge reduces incoming damage. Dodge also has a cooldown before it will award XP if the player recently respawned from a death.

Dodge reduces the players damage from various harmful sources. There is a config option in config.yml to allow Dodge to work for lightning strikes.

        Prevent_Dodge_Lightning: false
        XP_After_Teleport_Cooldown: 5


  • Roll and Graceful Roll used to be considered separate skills until 2.1.0 when they got merged.
  • nossr50 has plans to rework Acrobatics into a different skill during the Overhaul Era. The name is likely to change but the theme will be similar.

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