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Experience gain[edit]

Experience in Acrobatics is gained by successfully dodging or rolling.

When you fall you gain XP based on the distance traveled as long as it is not fatal, falls from near-death heights will reward the best experience, make use of Graceful Roll to take less damage!

Super ability[edit]

Acrobatics does not currently have a super ability.

Active sub-skills[edit]


Rolling is an active Sub-Skill with a passive component.

Whenever you take fall damage you have a chance to completely negate the damage based on your skill level, at level 50 you have a 50% chance to prevent damage, and 100% if you activate Graceful Roll.

The chance for success is scaled against your skill level in a linear curve until 100 where it maxes out, every level in Acrobatics gives you a 1% chance to succeed.

By holding the sneak button you can double your odds to avoid fall damage and avoid up to twice the fall damage! Holding sneak will transform a normal roll into a Graceful Roll.

Rolling will not activate if the fall would have been fatal.

Passive sub-skills[edit]



Planned rework[edit]

nossr50 plans to rework Acrobatics into a different skill during the Overhaul Era. The name is likely to change but the theme will be similar.


Roll and Graceful Roll used to be considered separate skills until 2.1.0 when they got merged.