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Configuring mcMMO[edit]

Where to find the configuration files for mcMMO[edit]

mcMMO uses configuration files found in this directory


mcMMO creates this directory and default configuration files after it has been run at least once.

Basic Configuration[edit]

A lot of basic settings for mcMMO can be found in config.yml

General Basic Settings[edit]

Editing config.yml

Advanced Configuration[edit]

General Advanced Settings[edit]

Editing advanced.yml

Experience Settings[edit]

Editing experience.yml

Item Weight Settings[edit]

Editing itemweights.yml

Potion Settings[edit]

Editing potions.yml

Vanilla Repair Settings[edit]

Editing repair.vanilla.yml

Salvage Settings[edit]

Editing salvage.vanilla.yml

Excavation Treasure Settings[edit]

Editing treasures.yml

Other Config Files[edit]

Do Not Edit These[edit]


Notes & Tips[edit]

mcMMO configuration files are in a format known as YAML

YAML expects entries to have 4 spaces in front of them (not tabs)

You can check if your file is valid YAML by using this 3rd party site → YAML Lint

Keep in mind, just because a file is valid YAML does not mean the entries in the config file are valid.

At start-up mcMMO will check the config file for any illegal values and shut down mcMMO if it finds any. Pay attention to your server log as mcMMO is quite verbose when it finds invalid keys in the configuration files.

If config files do not exist mcMMO will copy default versions from within the mcMMO.jar

If you update mcMMO and we add new settings to the config file, we will add those into your existing config files for you.

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