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Herbalism is the skill of farming plants. It gives you extra drops and as you level it up, can automatically replant crops for you at higher stages of growth, saving you tons of time replanting. It also has some cool extras. You gain herbalism experience from harvesting crops, flowers, etc.

Super Ability[edit]

Green Terra[edit]

Right click on anything except dirt with your hoe and then harvest crops with it. You'll get triple drops and, if you have the appropriate seed in your inventory, until your ability wears off the crops you harvest will replant at a very high growth level. OR: Right click on anything except dirt with a hoe and then click on stonebrick, dirt, or cobble while you have wheat seeds in your inventory to, while the ability is active, use the seeds to instantly convert the target blocks into mossy stonebrick, grass, or mossy cobble.

Active Abilities[edit]

Green Thumb[edit]

Click on any dirt, cobble or stonebrick with a seed in your hand and you have a chance of turning the target block green. Your chance increases as you level up herbalism. The seed is consumed.

Shroom Touch[edit]

This gives a chance that when you click on a dirt block with a mushroom while you have both red and brown mushrooms in your inventory the dirt might turn to mycelium. The mushrooms are consumed. The chance increases with your herbalism level.

Passive Abilities[edit]

Green Thumb[edit]

The higher your herbalism level, the greater chance that any crop you harvest will replant, and the higher stage it will replant at.

Double Drops[edit]

As you level your herbalism, your chance of getting double drops harvesting crops increases.

Farmer's Diet[edit]

The higher your herbalism, the more hunger bread, carrots, potatoes, cookies, melons, mushroom soup and carrots fill.

Hylian Luck[edit]

Gives you a chance of getting a rare material from breaking saplings, grass, or flowerpots with a sword. The chance increases as your level does.

Primary Skills