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Upgrading from Classic[edit]

If you are upgrading from classic or a previous mcMMO install

1. It is recommended you delete advanced.yml, experience.yml, and salvage.vanilla.yml in order to generate updated config files

2. Put mcMMO.jar into the /plugins/ folder inside your server directory.

3. Congratulations mcMMO is now installed.

Fresh Install[edit]

If you have never installed mcMMO before

1. Make sure you are running the latest stable version of Spigot or Paper.

2. Configure your server and run it once with Spigot/PaperMC to generate a plugins folder. You can also make the plugins directory manually. Close the server after it has created the plugins directory.

3. Download the latest public release of mcMMO from the Spigot page.

4. Drag and drop mcMMO.jar into the plugins directory.

All done!

The next time you run your Spigot/PaperMC server, mcMMO will enable itself and generate many configuration files for you to modify in server_directory_here\plugins\mcMMO.

Additional Steps[edit]

Start up the server once, and then close it and then edit the config files to your liking

If you want the skill system to be from 1-1000 turn on RetroMode in config.yml

RetroMode will turn itself on if mcMMO finds config.yml in your /plugins/mcMMO/ folder from a previous install!

If you'd like the skill system to be from 1-100 turn off RetroMode in config.yml

Choosing the appropriate mcMMO version[edit]

There are many versions of Minecraft, Spigot, Paper and mcMMO. To choose the best version, refer to Version compatibility.

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