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=== Useful Pages ===
=== Useful Pages ===
[[Install mcMMO|Installing mcMMO]]
[[Installing mcMMO|Installing mcMMO]]
[[Public mcMMO Releases|mcMMO Downloads]]
[[Public mcMMO Releases|mcMMO Downloads]]

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Welcome to the official mcMMO wiki![edit]

Useful Pages[edit]

Installing mcMMO

mcMMO Downloads

mcMMO Skills

Configuring mcMMO

Bugs and Feature Requests

Dev Blogs

What is mcMMO?[edit]

mcMMO is a server-side modification for Minecraft. It is a plugin originally made for Bukkit, but now requires Spigot or Paper. The goal of mcMMO is to turn Minecraft into an addictive RPG by trying to extend the game in ways that feel natural and with minimal complexity. mcMMO requires no client mods, just a server running the latest stable release of Spigot or Paper and the latest public release of mcMMO.