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Rolling is an active sub-skill with a passive component.

It provides a chance to negate fall damage based on the player's Acrobatics skill level. At level 50, the player has a 50% chance to prevent damage, or 100% if Graceful Roll is activated.

The chance for success is scaled against the Acrobatics skill level in a linear curve. Every level increases the chance to roll successfully by 1%. Therefore, it will always trigger at level 100.

A normal roll can be transformed into a Graceful Roll by sneaking while falling. Doing so will double the odds to roll and the amount of damage prevented.


Level Retro Mode Roll Graceful Roll Damage Absorbed Damage Absorbed Graceful
25 250 25.0% 50.0% 7 14
50 500 50.0% 100.0% 7 14
75 750 75.0% 100.0% 7 14
100 1000 100.0% 100.0% 7 14


  • Rolling will not prevent death if the fall would have been fatal. Rolling will only prevent up to a certain amount of damage, which is configurable by server admins.