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Super Ability

Skull Splitter

Active Subskills


Passive Subskills
  • Axe Mastery
  • Critical Strikes
  • Armor Impact
  • Greater Impact
Interacts With
  • Monsters

With the Axes skill you can use your axe for much more then just deforesting! You can hack and chop away at mobs with the effect of knockback and inflicting DEADLY criticals on mobs and players. Your Axe also becomes a hand-held woodchipper, breaking down the enemy's armor with ease as your level increases.

Experience Gain[edit]

Experience is gained by dealing damage to mobs, entities and players.

Super Ability[edit]

Skull Splitter[edit]

While holding an Axe, the 'use' action (right-click by default) will activate the Super Ability Skull Splitter!

Skull Splitter adds an Area of Effect (AoE) to attacks with axes, dealing damage to nearby enemies whenever a target is hit. While using Skull Splitter, less damage is dealt to the primary target and an AoE effect is added to all attacks for the duration. This makes it great for crowds of enemies, but less effective when fighting one target!

The ability lasts for a duration based on the Axes skill level.

Passive SubSkill[edit]

Axe Mastery[edit]

By using Axes frequently, the base damage dealt with them is increased.

The Axe Mastery passive ability increases the base damage dealt with axes as the Axes skill raises.

Critical Strikes[edit]

Critical Hit doubles the amount of damage dealt to mobs, and increases the damage by 1.5x versus players when using axes.

The critical hit chance increases with the Axes skill level.

Armor Impact[edit]

By using the cleaving force of axes, players have a chance to inflict bonus damage to the durability of their enemy's armor!

Armor Impact strikes increase the durability damage dealt based on the Axes skill level.

Greater Impact[edit]

While attacking with an axe, players have a chance to knock back their enemies with a powerful blow!

Greater Impact strikes increase the base damage dealt to enemies and knocks the enemy back with explosive force. These strikes gain no benefit from additional levels in Axes.

Primary Skills