Double Drops (Mining)

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The Double Drops passive sub-skill provides a chance for naturally generated blocks you break with your pickaxe to turn into two blocks. To maximise this sub-skill's effect, it is advised to silk-touch ore that would normally turn into raw resource items (e.g., coal or diamonds) and then later place down said ore and mine them with fortune.

Please do note that this sub-skill's doubling effect only happens upon the initial mining of the ore; you will not receive double the ore again after it has been placed by a player. Meaning, only vanilla's fortune effect will apply to ores mined after being placed by a player.

Double drop percentage[edit]

Normal level Retro level Double drop chance
1 10 1%
2 20 2%
3 30 3%
51 510 51%
52 520 52%
53 530 53%
91 910 91%
92 920 92%
93 930 93%
100 1000 100%