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Description: A general description on what the ability is and what it provides for the player, emphasizing on its usefulness. Note: there is no title for this section.

Super ability: All abilities that have a cooldown should go in this section. Examples: Super Breaker, Tree Feller, Green Terra

Active abilities: Abilities that must be used to apply their effects. Examples: Green Thumb, Call of the Wild, interacting with anvils.

Passive abilities: Abilities that apply their effects either permanently as soon as they are learned, or activate by themselves if the ability is unlocked and its requirements met. Examples: Double Drops, Greater Impact.

Known issues: Since the wiki’s goal is to be the #1 source for the most accurate mcMMO information, it’s valid to list current (and not solved) issues on this section. However, it’s very important that the listed issues are confirmed and present on the latest release version. Example: lingering potions not giving experience upon creation, visual effects not showing up upon brewing custom potions.

Primary Skills