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The Limit Break sub-skill is intended to make Protection IV players less tanky and for you to feel more powerful for having a high skill level. Limit Break has 10 ranks, each rank gives 1 extra raw damage, this is damage before reductions from armour and enchantments. The net result is you deal about 50% more damage with an end game skill compared to before. At max rank, you can two-hit a player in normal diamond armour, whereas it takes around five hits to kill a player in Protection IV diamond armour.

For PvP, this sub-skill only activates on a player when they have armour equipped. As such, players with no armour will not receive the extra damage. The extra damage is also scaled to what kind of armour the player is wearing. Leather, iron, gold, and chain will only have 25% of your current limit break damage. Diamond will have 50%, and netherite will have 75%. If you enable the "AllowPVE" setting in the "advanced.yml" file, this sub-skill is active at all times. Note that by default, this sub-skill is disabled for PvE.

The limit break sub-skill is unlocked at level 100 (10 normal).

Damage increase ranks[edit]

Normal level Retro level Rank Damage
10 100 1 +1
20 200 2 +2
30 300 3 +3
40 400 4 +4
50 500 5 +5
60 600 6 +6
70 700 7 +7
80 800 8 +8
90 900 9 +9
100 1000 10 +10