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Skills represent the ability that players have to perform actions within mcMMO supported worlds. There are 13 Primary Skills and 2 Child Skills in mcMMO currently. Each of these skills represent actions based on the vanilla mechanics of Minecraft, and enhance them by increasing aspects of those mechanics. In order to increase their abilities in mcMMO, a player will need to gather experience in each of these skills to gain levels and unlock new abilities. Gaining experience is different for each skill, and will require the player to perform different tasks based on what skills they would like to increase including: breaking blocks, dealing damage to mobs, and even falling.

Below you can find lists of these skills, and the various abilities that each skill offers and unlocks.

Primary Skills[edit]

Primary Skills are the core of mcMMO and the root for all Child Skills.

List of Primary Skills

Child Skills[edit]

Child Skills are the babies of two or more existing skills in mcMMO

List of Child Skills


SubSkills make up everything that can be done with a Primary Skill or Child Skill

List of SubSkills

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