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Super Ability

Serrated Strikes

Active Subskills


Passive Subskills
  • Counter Attack
  • Rupture
Interacts With
  • Monsters

This skill awards combat bonuses to anyone fighting with a sword.

Experience Gain[edit]

XP is gained based on the amount of damage dealt to mobs or other players when wielding a sword.

Super Ability[edit]

Serrated Strikes[edit]

Serrated Strikes is an active ability. You can activate it by right-clicking with a sword. This ability allows you to an AoE (Area of Effect) hit. This AoE will do a bonus 25% damage and inflict a bleed effect that lasts for 2 seconds.


Normal Mode Retro Mode Ability time (seconds)
1 10 2s
5 50 3s
10 100 4s
15 150 5s
20 200 6s
25 250 7s
30 300 8s
35 350 9s
40 400 10s
45 450 11s
50 500 12s

Passive Skills[edit]

Counter Attack[edit]

Gives a chance to inflict/reflect a portion of the damage done to the player back on the attacker.


Gives a chance to inflict a DoT(Damage on Tick) debuff that effectively acts as if the mob is bleeding out.1

1. Still affects skeletons

Primary Skills