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Super Ability


Active Subskills


Passive Subskills
  • Iron Arm Style
  • Arrow Deflect
  • Disarm
  • Iron Grip
Interacts With
  • Monsters

Unarmed is a combat skill that will give players various combat bonuses when using their fists as a weapon.

Experience gain[edit]

Experience in Unarmed is achieved bases on how much damage you do to a mob or player when unarmed.

Super ability[edit]


While having nothing equipped, the 'use' action (right-click by default) will activate your Berserk ability.

Berserk makes your unarmed hits do 50% more damage and increases your mining speed on weak blocks.

The ability lasts for a duration based on the Unarmed skill level.

Passive sub-skills[edit]

Iron Arm Style[edit]

Iron Arm Style adds extra damage to your normal hits while using your Fist. The base damage for Iron Arm Style is +4 DMG and grows larger the more levels a player gains.

Arrow Deflect[edit]

Arrow deflect has a chance to deflect arrows shot at you. The passive ability allows arrows shot by mobs and players to harmlessly fall to the ground.


Disarm is a passive ability that allows a player to force a player to drop the item currently equipped.

Iron Grip[edit]

Iron Grip is a passive ability that counters Disarm. Iron Grip prevents you from being disarmed and increases as your disarm increases.