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Hello creeper, I'm just another random nobody.

Some info about me:

  • My irl name is Flannery Lue Moore; Lue is pronounced "Loo".
  • Irish in blood and name.
  • 198cm, 65kg. (Walking, talking toothpick, I know.)
  • Born in April of 1991.

Other, Minecraft related info:

I've been playing Minecraft since 2009, but I only really began playing 'seriously' in 2012. My preferred gamemode is creative, but I do enjoy survival as long as it contains mcmmo. I'm by no means a good builder, and at best I'm a sub-par survivalist. I'm vehemently against PvP, Minigames, 'Hub' servers, and alternate gameplay style servers such as Prison. Oldschool survival or creative is really it for me. Mind you, this doesn't mean I don't enjoy non-vanilla; quite the contrary. Servers with plugins or modded servers are things that I'm happy with, which ought to be obvious considering I don't enjoy survival unless it has mcmmo, lol.

Hopefully this sates your urge for information, as it's all you're getting from me.