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mcMMO supports several region flags for WG7

Make sure you use the latest build for WG7 and WE7 to guarantee this functionality will work.

WG support was added to mcMMO in version 2.1.00

Region Flag Flag Effect Flags default setting mcMMO version required
mcmmo enables mcMMO skills for the player true 2.1.00+
mcmmo-xp enables mcMMO skills to gain XP for the player true 2.1.00+
mcmmo-hardcore enables mcMMO to punish a player on death if hardcore mode is enabled true 2.1.82+

mcMMO's custom WG flags default to true, you can have groups of players set to negative on certain flags in certain regions or globally as you wish, refer to WG documentation for how to do this.

If you want more WG flags added to mcMMO, make a request on github or on the official mcMMO discord and I will likely add it.